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In Plato's early dialogues, Socrates refutes the accounts of his interlocutors and the In order to attempt to understand the dialogue's argument as a whole one is .. like the other guardians in poetry, music, and physical education (d-e). .. Plato's Republic: Critical Essays (New York: Rowman and Littlefield, ).

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What is the Church? That was the question that started that book. Your central characters are Roman and Grace — two adults who were orphaned and suffered abuse when young. What was the question, and the issues you wanted to cover? Hearing the stories of some of these young women, I wanted to deal with childhood abuse and how that impacts adult thinking.

How it follows them. And is there a chance for two very broken people to find wholeness together?

Of course there is, with Christ at the centre, but it is a journey — and a hard one. A lot of reading about case studies; the psychology behind it. This was very disturbing and I think it was one of the things that really weighed on me — how prevalent it is. A good friend of mine, who I met in Bible study fellowship, is a family counsellor. So I presented Roman and Grace individually; how I thought they would respond mentally and emotionally after what had happened to them. With Grace, she just wanted to be perfect — the perfect child so she could earn the love of her aunt.

There are some vivid depictions of hell in the book — what prompted you to include those? He saves us — but what does salvation mean? In church in Wimbledon the young pastor said that God essentially saved us from himself, from his own wrath.

Arnold and Louis Gold Rush ~ books for kids about honesty and decency!

That was a profound statement. Because he created everything, he owns everything, whether we acknowledge it or not. And he will have the ultimate say in what happens to us. I would like to understand more about mentoring and how that looks.

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We have so many older people in church — we need to mentor the younger generation. How do you do that? Truth and relationships are very fluid now so there is nothing to hold on to. My husband. Enjoyed that? Get more articles covering news, culture, faith and apologetics in every print issue of Premier Christianity magazine.

Claire Musters is a freelance journalist, writer, speaker and editor. The popular speaker, youth worker and campaigner also known as the 'God Sex Lady' tells Sam Hailes why courage is more important than confidence. I Kissed Dating Goodbye changed the way a generation of Christians A new book by Christian feminist Natalie Collins says we need Stay informed with up to the minute news from a Christian perspective delivered fresh each morning. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Francine Rivers: The author of Redeeming Love reveals what drives her work. About the Author. Claire Musters. Why both publishers and readers need to change their attitude toward Christian fiction. We need to give Christian storytellers a bigger platform, says Mike Burke More. Rachel Gardner: Meet the sassy youth worker on a mission to put courage into the next generation.

The popular speaker, youth worker and campaigner also known as the 'God Sex Lady' tells Sam Hailes why courage is more important than confidence More. Subscribe And get 12 issues plus unlimited online access to the archive. You may also like But Lucas would have to do the unthinkable in order to be with Aria. He would have to give up his inheritance. And then there was that one issue with the secret he held. Once Aria found out, it would rip apart their relationship before it even had a chance.

Noreen Hirsch loses everything including her husband and two sons. Then her adopted country goes to war with her homeland. Has God abandoned her? Rosa Hirsch barely adjusts to being a bride before she is widowed. She gives up her citizenship to accompany her mother-in-law to her home country.

Charity's Gold Rush

Can Rosa find acceptance among strangers who hate her belligerent nation? Basil Quincey is rich beyond his wildest dreams, but loneliness stalks him. Can he find a woman who loves him and not his money? Trudie is about to protest, but then she meets the kind and handsome Mason Wimberley. In spite of her dowdy appearance and sometimes awkward manner, Mason finds Trudie attractive, funny, and smart. But Lane inexplicably pushes Trudie away from Mason and toward the other willing suitor.

Amora Norton is running out of time. Convinced a family get-together is what Nonna needs to lift her spirits, he plans an eightieth birthday party for her, making sure his siblings and cousins attend. The Keswick jewelry store where Jayne Austin has worked for seven years closes its doors. Jayne takes her generous severance pay and heads off to Italy — Tuscany to be precise. While aboard ship, a run-in with three Irish sisters lands Quinn in the role of reluctant savior. Though it may delay his plans, he cannot abandon the Young sisters, especially the tenacious yet kind Kiera.

Upon arriving in the colonies, Kiera Young prepares to meet her intended and begin her new life. But she soon discovers the marriage her brother-in-law arranged was never meant to be, and a far more sinister deal was negotiated for her and her sisters.

Charity's Gold Rush (Woman of Courage, book 3) by Cynthia Hickey

But the longer he remains, the greater his feelings toward Kiera grow and the more he comes to realize true freedom might be found in sacrifice. Kelly Canyon wants to be an investigative journalist and takes photos of celebrities to pay the bills. When an actress is murdered following an interview by Kelly, she and Brock Handsome, uh, Hanson are the primary suspects. She never intended to star in a movie. Yet, here she is acting in a movie, falling for Brock, and running from someone who very much wants her to stop trying to solve the murder, even if by doing so guarantees Kelly her job back.

Detective Steven Pennington, who suspects drugs are at the root of the problem, must keep Marina safe from the killer while keeping himself from falling for yet another victim. Marina refuses to believe that her business partner could be part of a drug trafficking ring, but when evidence points its finger at her, she must join the fight with Steven to weed out the killer. One near-fatal incident, two weddings, and an earth-shattering revelation later, and the lives of these four former strangers are now inextricably bound. After a year of upheaval, things are finally falling into place for everyone.

And, with the support of Brandon and her newfound family members, Paige has stayed grounded throughout a series of life-changing discoveries. Unfortunately, the family that fought so hard for their happy ending quickly learns they must fight just as hard to keep it.

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After losing Paige to Brandon, Mason is determined to move on. Meanwhile, when old acquaintances come forward with life-altering revelations, Victoria is left to grapple with a profound choice — forgive, and deepen her faith, or risk losing her hard-won family to the very secrets that brought them together. Jessica Donnelly is the daughter of a wealthy family living in Rochester, New York. Through a misunderstanding, her reputation became compromised and her parents feared she would no longer be eligible to marry into a high society family.

Her mother decided it would be best for her to go to England and meet a man who would not be familiar with the local gossip.