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That was my premise, what would happen if some young girl gets to taste this freedom. Well, you'd never go back.

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If Dorothy didn't see it or understand it, it can't be in the story. But, it's not a history lesson she stressed.

You have this cast of characters and sometimes they don't go where you thought they were going to go, they go somewhere else,' said Patton. The details of the journey comes from the diaries, but the characters, I am inventing this cast of characters.

But if it said it snowed on April 29, then in my story it snowed on April I tried to make that part as accurate as possible. Founded in in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and currently operating out of offices in Regina, Coteau Books' mission is to publish and present to the world markets new voices and works of literary excellence from the Canadian literary community, with an emphasis on Saskatchewan and prairie writers.

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In the final instalment of the Barr Colony series, Dorothy and the Bolton family are settling into life on the prairies after a treacherous journey - first across the Atlantic, and then across the open landscape as they made their way to their homestead in the Barr Colony. But now, winter is approaching.

Full Steam to Canada: A Barr Colony Adventure

Her mam and dad are fighting, and her dad decides to travel to Edmonton to work for the winter. This leaves Dorothy, her mam, and her sister Lydia to fend for themselves on the harsh prairie, alongside Dorothy's older brother Frank. As with many colonists who took land in the west, the Bolton family has no idea the brutal and harsh conditions that will befall them during a winter on the prairie.

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With Frank off in Battleford getting supplies, Dorothy, Lydia, and Mam attempt to fend for themselves.